Demi Kouzounas Calls Out Angus King on Border Security Failures

Saco, ME — Demi Kouzounas, Republican nominee for U.S. Senate in Maine, issued a strong response to President Joe Biden’s recent executive order on border security.“

This last-ditch attempt to address border security is blatant political pandering. Senator Angus King has been part of the problem in Washington, failing to advocate for effective solutions that protect Mainers from the ripple effects of a porous border. Senator King’s nearly 20-year tenure in public office has been marked by missed opportunities to secure our border and safeguard our state’s interests. It’s time for a change.”Kouzounas highlighted the real impacts of these failures on Maine communities, from economic strain to increased crime.

“As a mother, grandmother, veteran, and small business owner, I see the direct consequences of policy neglect. Mainers deserve proactive leadership, not reactive posturing.”